We have a fun new challenge less serious thing that we’re trying we’re gonna try and make dupes for really expensive stuff in stores and DIY them for cheap yeah so this time we visited Urban Outfitters dot-com and we’ve picked up some things that we thought were really cute that we might be able to do. So we’re trying to figure out, if we can actually make them at all and how chief we can make them far and all the items that we picked up from Urban Outfitters will be linked below so today we’re gonna be trying to replicate this dino faux succulent planter we’re awesome to be making this beautiful clothes pillow and this iridescent mirror which i think is so amazing. But like I don’t know how hard it’s gonna be blood yeah alright let’s get into this so for a first Urban Outfitters inspired DIY we’re replicating this everyone is welcome here embroidered pillow I think that this one’s pretty easy to replicate.

So we just needed a couple of materials for this we needed a pillow case in some kind of like campesi material alright at IKEA. Because their pillows are actually pretty inexpensive. So we’re gonna go try and find a white one that’s pretty similar it’s honestly just a plain white pillow. But that one’s more textured than that one and that one has like a thing around the edge hmm who knew white pillows could be so different we already had a pillow.

So we didn’t need to pick that up. And I was looking for embroidery thread. So I did get a thin embroidery thread. But then we realized once we got it back here that it might be too thin.


So we ended up picking up this a black chunky yarn so in order to make this I’m going to start with my canvas pillow. And I’m going to write out the words everyone is welcome here very similar to the original and then I’m just taking my thin yarn and then I’m just gonna do an embroidery stitch alright I’m all done with my embroidery honestly that took a pretty long time I mean I watched dr. Phil and Ellen. So I feel like this would’ve taken me a lot less time and it would have turned out a little bit more even and not as like pulled in between the letters, if I did an embroidery hoop I’m never really used in a word before and now I know why it’s a lot easier, when you’re doing like a big design like this alright so this is what my final pillow looks like I think it looks pretty good the original I mean I’m gonna give it to the original it was done better the embroidery is a little bit smoother.

And I think their pillow case isn’t as sheer as ours. But still a pretty good do so the total amount we spent on this pillow was four dollars for the yarn ten dollars for the pillow case from Ikea and then we already had the pillow insert. So that was free. But that might be another like ten or so dollars, if you had to pick one up.

So we only paid fourteen dollars to make this pillow and for those of you based in the state this cost is $11 USD and thirty-eight was how much the original was okay so next up we’re going to be replicating this neon dinosaur faux succulent planter um now we have done Dino planters in the past. But we’ve done them with real plants and turns out plants don’t like living dinos and you’ve never done it neon so this is gonna be a fun twist so first up we needed to hunt to find the perfect triceratops dinosaur place your bets guys do you think that the doll sure is gonna have a triceratop Tori okay at the craft store and this is huge. But actually kind of Awesome okay I just did some nice looking at what it looks like and then I did some like dinosaur research. And I don’t think this is a triceratops.

Because it doesn’t have three points like it has the horn on the nose then it has like a whole bunch around the head instead of just two so sorry buddy I’m gonna leave you at the surf store please I’ve heard triceratop there’s one. But it’s too small oh oh this one is chill this a little bit difficult spot. But luckily we found one at this store. So we got neon paint.

But we also picked up a yellow. So we can make it more of an orange II pink we picked up some faux or real I don’t know real moss so it seems like this time of year we don’t have too many faux succulent options so that’s unfortunate kind of the right vibe we might be lacking on succulents. But we do have lots of moss option we actually did find the perfect photo succulent that match the one we’re trying to dupe online, and we ordered it. But it didn’t come yet.

So we’re not gonna go with that one so the first step is gonna be to cut a hole in the back of our Dino as a place for this I feel intercept okay so now it’s time to make our Dino neon. And I think the best chances we have of making this neon paint really pop is painting him white first so I’m going to do that out okay so the dynastar on the urban outfitters website actually looks a little more orange or Coralie neon so along with our pink neon paint we also picked up this yellow paint that i’m gonna try and add together to make a custom neon orange ii pink color that i’m going to throw on the dinosaur okay sorry Dino is super in neon. And I’m actually really happy with how it turned out it looks great so next we’re just gonna put the plant in the Dino we have this so succulent it’s not exactly the same one as the one we’re trying to replicate. But it’s close enough I’m thinking maybe we can take off a layer so it’s not so big a little closer to the actual one that’s we’re gonna do trim everything up and essentially just glue it in place so this turned out so much cuter than I was even expecting it would it look so legit let’s see how they compare let’s make our plastic dinosaur it costs us $3 in a toy dinosaur $3 in moss $3 in paint and $6 in a faux succulent so to make our faux dinosaur it actually only cost us $15 and the irregular one on their website is 42 dollars and for everyone in America that is $39 for the original one and 1175 for our remake okay.

So I feel like we left the hardest one for last. But also that what I’m most excited about. So we saw this mirror on Urban Outfitters and it was kind of like like mermaid unicorn tint to the whole iridescent you know really really pretty. But I don’t know honest I don’t know how they did it I think it was made, when the mirror was me like part of the mirror so to do this DIY we needed pretty much two supplies we were thinking a mirror and then iridescent post and then we already had some Mod Podge to use as the glue okay so I’m trying to find a mirror at the dollar store I’m seeing this one.

But it’s kind of attached to something and it’s not really big enough I want something a little bit bigger hmm I’m gonna mirror it has glitter on it are you kidding me none of these at the dollar store iridescent well then tap a craft store craft store hooked it up this time okay craft store is coming through they have a really simple plane near now let’s see, if we can find iridescent post please be iridescent please be iridescent oh my god it is it’s not that strong. But went with this one I feel like it had the right pinky tone. So I literally think that just try to glue it to the mirror and see what happens I think we’re just Mod Podge it to the mirror and then I think we don’t worry about the shape yet we’ll cut it out after yeah cut it out after cool this is my punch you guys know this is it dries really clear mhm it’s sticky. So I don’t know it’s the the best chance we have it’s our only hope this could be a huge avail I think this will dry pretty quick.

Because it’s a thin coat this is definitely not how our outfits is it um okay. So we waited like honestly maybe two hours and it doesn’t look any different it’s like the glue gathered and it’s just staying the way it is maybe a hairdryer will like be able to sneak through and dry it okay this is not drying. So we decided to peel off the post and then wipe off the Mod Podge get it all clean and then decide to go a glueless route where we pulled the post tight and then taped on the back so with this little tape job which it looks really bad from the back that’s okay um it actually turned out really smooth way better than the glue and actually so much easier um the only thing is that the overall effect just doesn’t show up as well I mean I feel like maybe, if you put like five layers. But then it would start to get blurry so yeah overall feel like this was our least successful DIY.

But still pretty cool. And I mean a lot cheaper than the original the original was $59 Canadian and the materials for this one we spent 850 on the mir and seven dollars on the iridescent wrap so 1554 this little mirror here and in u.s. the original mirror from Urban Affairs was $46 and our supplies cost $12 that’s crazy yeah that’s a big difference.

But I mean honestly they’re even outdoors in here like is it it’s a little bit better a lot better thanks so much for reading this post please let us know, if you liked our version better yeah urban outfitters version I mean honestly I think we did a pretty good job like I know they’re I mean the original ones are pretty good they were pretty good other than the mirror I think that they were very easy to do yeah our dinos seriously on par yeah for real they’re like a Dino friends okay again, if you want to pick up any of those items from Urban Outfitters you can check the link in the description below they’ll be there and, if there’s any stores you want to see us do this for again please let us know below yeah you guys always send us stuff on Instagram. So you can do that too like tag us yeah it’s a DM on Instagram we always like you try to make this, and we get a lot of our ideas from like Instagram and you peeps oh yeah I think it’d be fun to like actually showed out people next time yes a specific group why somebody want to see us weak this yeah I think you so much for reading, if you like this post make sure you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you souther and we’ll see you next time.

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