Hi everyone my name is Abby we are we are here today to answer a very important question I know you guys have all been dying to know can you DIY a mood ring we grew up as 90s kids and these mood rings were everywhere everywhere and now the 90s are back we’re wondering can we di why them we’re like oh we should actually have one to wear this post and then turns out good even find one so this is even more important more importance so today we are working with Google’s making and science team to go meet a very fun scientist who’s going to help us understand this is even possible to DIY these things so let’s head over to the lab to find out, if we can DIY removing okay. So I am currently was the lab director at action potential lab I want to make a mood ring can you tell me, if that’s possible so basically thermochromic liquid crystals that’s what makes mood rings they’re also used in thermometers and other kinds of home devices it’s pretty neat in that it can tell the temperature visually.


So we bought these online and. So I think this isn’t actually the chemical that in the drinks this is like a paper version of it correct so how does that work so how it works is actually there’s these seeds called micro encapsulated crystal for instance, if these were the crystals, if they were just stagnant they would be showing the color black and stable. But, if they started to warm up they would shift and change and those crystals would start to reflect light in the space between the crystals and that’s how you get these different colors happening and it’s been actually micro encapsulated not only that it’s been coded and protected and then mixed with a bunch of other materials. So that it can be printed on all different kinds of cool novelty things like this paper and mood ring these are manufactured elements and it uses a lot of intense technology and tools so it’s not so easy to DIY this kind of material straight from the earth I can’t just go for a walk in the woods and find these crystals like in a cave or something not not really he’s color changing one okay.

So we’re back in our studio now, and we have our thermochromic a liquid crystal sheet that we’re gonna try to DIYs and stuff out of we also got some like epoxy stickers so like clear sticky fronts of jewelry backing that you can put it into some cords or thing and making like some necklaces and chokers. Because the key thing is here it has to be touching your skin like even, if we do a necklace that hangs out here our body heat probably isn’t going to affect the thermochromic liquid crystals unless the actual temperature that you’re in changes so like going from outside to inside then you’re going to see a change in color. So we didn’t grab a base of a ring. Because we couldn’t find any that were thin enough that we knew the mood ring could actually work through it.

And I think now looking back in the 90s they didn’t even work, when they were sitting on your skin you have to like warm it up it didn’t even work. Because it was touching your skin anyways what should we start with a choker is this too big of a choker so. Because we got these amazing epoxy stickers I’m just gonna stick one of these on here and then cut it out and this actually has a sticky backing so it’s already so easy just stick the appropriate sized epoxy cover gem thing get it all the bubbles and you guys can see that it’s actually working cut this pick up sticky backing and plop it inside our little thing here and it immediately turned black so obviously it’s not feeling it weren’t for my skin anymore although it is going through that’s awesome we’re just taking some cord and putting it on vibes oh five yeah I feel pretty cool Oh Orion my gosh so exciting guys okay so let’s see what else we communities I love how you just cut them up and use them you. So that was so much fun.

And I learned so much like like they this little like 90s fashion trend is so much more complex than I ever knew what this actually turned out better than I thought. Because I know that the thermochromic liquid crystal sheets do react to your skin and they change color. But I didn’t think that they would, when they were put in like a face so like that necklace to me I thought that the metal you know wouldn’t really conduct. But since it does conduct heat um it was able to change colors so, if you had a ring base yeah you can we would work as long as it wasn’t too thick and you didn’t maybe have too much glue that was like ruining the conduction between the metal and the thermochromic liquid crystal sheet so it turns out you kind of sort of can DIY a mood ring oh my god you can’t really DIY the crystals that come in the paper science what nice yeah we will definitely link below where we got our thermoforming with the crystal sheets about you guys, if you want to experiment with this you can there were too much I think they were between like five and ten dollars yes just the shipping that get you every time so thank you so much to Google is making in science team for encouraging us to learn about this and buy these crazy crystals online.

Because I never would have without that nope and make sure you guys are, if you’re interested in stuff like this make sure you keep reading science posts are so many on you know these niches that you find in and you’re like wait what is this world I’m opening it up thanks for learning with us reading this post and, if you liked it make sure that you like it, if you loved it make sure you solve it and we’ll see you next time.

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