Hey it’s only been like a year sorry we’ve been super swamped with fixing arrows in school. But it’s summer for us now. So that we post tiger outside a little windy today sorry here to talk to you about Canadian money again and what is a big stuff is happening to Canada right now so like hands get rid of the penny you think you like the penny take away it’s going away so these niggas announce that the penny was going to be extinct.


But it’s actually not going to be extinct to the next for this I mean yeah this upcoming fall 2012 let me die on you penny collectors out there get on it get me obviously I’ll be the one person it like it’s been extinct for like three years of like here I can pay that with penny yeah I’m totally teen penny I can’t believe we’re getting rid of it I’m actually protein anti penny whoa that was a lot I don’t know I think they’re kind of pointless and seriously at the end of the month my wall is just full of pennies what do you do with them you get them, when you’re paying like it’s honestly a highlight of my day, when you’re like hey 763. And I’m like I can give me 360 I cannot be Boulder’s do that. But 763 I’ll just give you like 780 you can give you some more pennies back. But now the job is so much harder for us that work in retail and we’re gonna have to round up or round down, when something okay time for the stats of – is happening so to actually be funny do you know what cost one point is cents to make a penny, when they’re worth it’s that they’re losing money every time they make a penny so that’s 11 million dollars over the course of a year that Canada government just turned away tell me one of their good things in Chelsea you feel good and then they give you good luck oh my god there’s gonna be no more pick up any good luck it’s like pick up any and found the useless piece of metal.

So I totally thought was pretty cool to do this turned out that nominee the first people to get plastic buddy we’re none austerely actually a gardener penny first so they’re little bit cooler than us weird is everything right yeah good job Australia you’re good in our books, and we brought a guest today Harley tells us what he thinks about the pen Harley what do you think about the time I think he loves it he loves mr. good okay so some other teaches to Canadian currency are you haven’t noticed there is a news to many in town how did notice here not like yesterday it will tend to be exact well I actually got one as tapes for buying something energy so maybe other people are getting them and being like what’s up just UT yeah it has your little lights on the top okay basically the most money and patented have patented in something called ticketed patented multi ply plated steel technology I think that just means that they’re putting more money on earth that’s just a load words to make you not realize this spending money on something multibyte is this freakin toilet paper to apply to East, when is the lesson you’ve ever seen a fake to me like I don’t think many people are going on or maybe they’re so good at it that’s why they have to come up with multiplied platitude it is metal done today yeah Dick Cheney is alluding to. But it’s not that much different they both just have this you like I’ve actually qualit MPPs it’s basically scratches yeah us know your thoughts on this change. And I mean we’re back I’m sorry that we left you will be back more and we’ll talk less about money and let’s go can you taste button like yay we want to do a bunch of like fun in the summer DIYs so, if you have any ideas or any projects that you’re like hey I want to do this this summer.

But I don’t know how I want to do our very short let us know your thoughts and suggestions and whatever you want to tell us. But be cool too hi this is bye bye.

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