Careful choice of lighting For Home Design

Careful choice of lighting For Home Design

Lighting can make or break your space. If you want to get it just right, check how your rooms look with natural light and try to replicate that. If you want to create two separate spaces within a room, that can be achieved by having focused lighting in the dining area of the room which hangs just above the table and thus draws attention to that area. This is great for when you have guests and need not cost a fortune. The lighting in a child’s bedroom should be practical. Perhaps the child will not be too keen on the darkness. Thus, use a bedside lamp which is themed for a child and as the child grows, you can simply update the lamp.

Bathroom lighting should be relaxing. This is an important room for seeing yourself as well. If you can use subdued lighting for the bathing area, you could also have spotlighting for near the mirror so that you have adequate light for makeup or for shaving.

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