Carpet Ideas For Grey Walls

Carpet Ideas For Grey Walls

What Size Pillows Are Best?
Choosing sizes is another consideration. A young woman just furnishing her first home asked me how many pillows and what sizes are appropriate for an average size sofa.
I make pillows that are sixteen and eighteen inches and throw a fourteen-inch pillow against one of these. I call the little ones “filler” pillows.

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They add a spot of color where needed and the size is good for the small of the back.

For large sofas I like one or two oversize pillows, about twenty-two inches, that are quite soft and squooshy.
The Right Mix
Mixing patterns can give a room excitement, or make it look chaotic. The trick is to edit down everything else. If you have a patterned rug and fabric in the room, keep the walls free of wallpaper or use a small, overall, repeat pattern.

Carefully select and arrange just a few collectibles on a table. Or, just a vase of cut flowers can be fresh and lovely.

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