Casual Decorating Ideas Living Rooms

Casual Decorating Ideas Living Rooms

Oil Paints

This is probably the most used and best known of all paints. It dries with a slight gloss and is suitable for practically any type of surface. Inside and outside qualities are available. Quite a number of oil paints have white lead as a pigment either alone or combined with zinc or other pigments; for outside use a genuine all-lead pigment is best. Any paint containing more than 4 per cent of lead pigment must, under a Government regulation, have a label on the container to this effect, but an “all-lead” paint is described as “Genuine Lead Paint”, and contains only genuine lead, linseed oil, pure turpentine and driers. Oil paints give a good finish in one coat on previously painted surfaces unless a light finish is required over a dark-coloured surface.

For inside work they should be thinned with half raw linseed oil and half turpentine, and when more than one coat is to be applied increase the linseed oil in the second coat. For outside work one coat, thin with raw linseed oil or if a higher gloss is required boiled linseed oil. Do not use turpentine only for thinning outside finish- F,G’ 27-~THE surface should then be dried imunnig uuisiue umsn BY wiping with washleather detracts from the durability; turpentine only can be used for thinning oil paint for inside use when only a semi-gloss finish is desired.

When oil paints are used on brick, stone, plaster or concrete surfaces a special primer is required to stop the suction and seal the alkali which is present in such surfaces. One gallon of oil paint, when thinned ready for use, will cover from 80 to 100 square yards, according to the type of surface.

Drying times depend upon what the paint is thinned with; when turpentine only is used allow twelve hours between coats; paint thinned with raw linseed oil requires about twenty-four hours to dry; half and half about eighteen hours, and, when boiled linseed oil is added, the film remains somewhat soft for about two days. Genuine lead oil paints are usually sold by weight, and 14 lb. when thinned, will cover about 40 square yards.

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