Casual Living Room Decorating Ideas

Casual Living Room Decorating Ideas

Outside Quality Paint

An outside quality paint is made on what is known as a long oil base; that is, a large proportion of oil is incorporated to ensure weather resistance,imperviousness to water and elasticity, which is necessary to enable the film to withstand expansion and contraction which occurs under changes of temperature, such as hot sunshine and frost. The oil may be either raw linseed oil, boiled linseed oil, tung oil (obtained from a bean grown in China), a specially treated mixture of oils known as stand oil, or a mixture of several of these. Pigments which have the maximum protective value, fastness to light and durability, are used for outside quality paints; some of the pigments such as red lead, graphite and oxide, do not produce a beautiful appearance, but afford excellent protection.

Inside Quality Paint

Inside quality paints are made on a short oil base, and this permits them to dry to the harder finish which is FIG- 24. each coat should be sandpapered. reauired for surfaces T0 REMOVE brush marks and local thickening. , . , , . , Use the special waterproof glass-paper, which must resist constant handling, cleaning, friction and abrasion. As they are not subject to direct sunlight or weather, inside quality paints can have incorporated in them pigments which have good appearance rather than protective properties. Whilst an outside quality paint can be used for inside work subject to certain exceptions, if an inside quality paint is used where it will be subject to weathering it will quickly disintegrate, lose its colour, crack and become powdery; “ chalking ” is the technical term.

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