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On this trip to the store, Serene has her eye on a pair of crystal chandeliers and a standing mirror bevelled with crystals all around. While browsing the shelves, she eyes the array of candles as she professes her love for home fragrances.

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Her current abode, the third that she’s shared with her husband in the nine years that they’ve been married, is fi nally at what she describes as the “fun phase”. Seven months after moving in, their villa fi nally feels like home—although the couple are already contemplating their next move. As Serene shares, the couple have been bitten by the decorating bug.

Weekends are now spent shopping for furniture but thankfully, they share similar tastes, which makes purchasing an enjoyable pastime rather than a chore. “It’s rare that one or the other of us makes a choice that then gets vetoed,” she explains of their buying strategy. “Although we always ensure we get each other’s opinion on a piece before buying it.” That’s why she’s likely to head back to Timothy Oulton with her husband in tow—for even more new pieces to make their nest truly a home sweet home.

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