It’s not easy, as new broomsticks tend to buck. Her mother, Eldora, has pushed all the library furniture against the wall and commandeered nearly every pillow in the castle, now strewn around the floor.

Eldora is holding the broomstick steady as Hetty, her pigtails flying, grips her new broom. A helpful ghost has flown in to assist and, between them, Hetty is

TOP LEFT: Potted poinsettias line the window sills.

TOP RIGHT: An elf and a troll have arrived to celebrate Christmas with the wizard. They are greeted by Marlowe, the wizard’s beloved Siberian husky.

ABOVE: Santa sits atop the castle tower. RIGHT: A hatched egg is all that remains in this once used dragon nest soon airborne! (Patty Benedict)

Behind the castle, we find a lovely mermaid (Todd Krueger) who has just opened the wizard’s gift”a beautiful silver comb, brush, and mirror set (Pete Acquisto) brought back to her from 18thc. Paris. She has her very own Christmas tree, made entirely of seashells.

Soon a bevy of witches, wizards, elves, trolls, fairies, and local townsfolk and farmers will make their way to Dragonwyck to celebrate this special day in a special way. It seems the wizard possesses a special gift”the gift of giving. His gifts always match the deepest desires of the recipients, a memory they will treasure forever.


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