Chalet-Style Residence in California Withstands Harsh Weather

Chalet-Style Residence in California Withstands Harsh Weather

The Chicken or the Egg?

The age-old debate rages on, but there’s no arguing that a chicken wire egg basket can serve as a first-rate display on a cupboard shelf. Layer the basket’s base with excelsior and snips of faux greenery, then place a few eggs inside to create a fun, farmhouse-inspired vignette.

On the Lamb

There’s nothing cuter than a baby animal, and this petite papier-mache lamb pail is no exception! Create a barnyard scene on a tray or a small side table by surrounding this little beauty with a white picket fence and faux grass.

Loops of Lavender

Wreaths are a style staple when it comes to front-door decor, but why not put a texture-rich twist to your decorating with a lavender-laced burlap version? To bring a spot of subtle color inside your home, attach the wreath to a shutter and hang it above a bed or a mantel.

Bright as a Bunny

Gourds typically come to mind when decorating for autumn, but these nature-made goods can fit in quite nicely in spring displays. Accompanied by handcrafted florals and a heritage lace basket, these gourd bunnies will bring a whimsical touch to a kitchen island, a countertop or a dining room table.

Celebrate the arrival of spring with country elements dressed up with natural flowers and twigs.

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