Charming Waterfront Cottage Homes

In today’s post we’re gonna take a look at a community called heritage harbor it’s located in Ottawa Illinois which is a about an hour or so from Chicago perfect where we can get away great for a summer home what you’ll find here is a community of cottage homes they offer everything from your custom home to the typical tiny house design the entire community is centered around a marina state-of-the-art marina incredible docking system they have an on-site restaurant called.

Charming Waterfront Cottage Homes Photo Gallery

Red Dog great food the restaurant overlooks the marina in addition to that you have the boating kayaking water skiing all the water sports you want located there you’re only minutes from starved rock state park beautiful hiking great scenery waterfalls it’s just gorgeous in addition star rock there’s also Buffalo and Matheson state parks someone should do outdoors why’s there it’s unbelievable downtown.

Ottawa it’s only a couple minutes away very charming you won’t find chain restaurants there it’s all unique shops restaurants boutiques they got antiques they have a ton of festivals throughout the year so much to do with this place it’s got all the bones for a great touristy destination why don’t we go ahead and take a look at some of the homes it’s important to give you an overview of this community. Because in the coming weeks we’re going to go through a lot of these homes. So you can get a better perspective and a good idea of what they offer this kind of bird’s eye view next week we’re going to take a look at the tiny homes probably three or four designs in the next post so look forward to that, if you want more information on this community right away its heritage harbor I’ll put the link below go ahead and check it out very cool community otherwise i’ll see you next week and don’t forget to comment alright take it easy.

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