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Here’s how STEP 1 Remove existing fence panels and retain them. Also retain tabs that connect bolts to fence panel. If nuts are rusted onto bolts, cut through them with angle grinder, being careful not to damage panels and tabs. Remove fence posts. STEP 2 Set out post positions. Here, the first post was set 400mm from the driveway to allow more room for cars (the old fence was on a lean from a minor collision). Put another post at other end of fence. Space intermediate posts evenly between these, no more than 2.3m apart. Using post-hole digger, dig 250mm-dia. holes, 600mm deep for each post. STEP 3 Paint posts, applying 2 coats, allowing to dry after each coat. STEP 4 At 1 end of 1 post, draw a line around post 30mm from end. With power saw set on 22°, cut along this line on all 4 faces of post. This will create a decorative finish to top of post. Repeat for remaining posts. STEP 5 Pour 100mm of dry quickset concrete into hole near driveway. Put post in hole so top of post is 1m above footpath. Ensure post is plumb, then pour water into hole, followed by more quick-set concrete and mix.

Leave to set. Repeat for post at other end of fence. STEP 6 On street side of post, hammer a nail into edge where angled cut meets this side. Cheap interior design ideas Also drive a nail near bottom of post on the same side. Repeat for post at other end of fence. Stretch 2 stringlines between posts, tying to nails at top and at bottom. STEP 7 Put remaining posts in holes, aligning angled edge of each post with top stringline and side of post with bottom stringline. Ensure post is plumb on each of its sides, then concrete. STEP 8 Set out notches for rails on end posts. Working from top corner, measure 100mm and 700mm down post and square a line across it at each point. These will be the top of notches at top and bottom of posts. Stretch stringline between these lines on end posts to mark notch positions on all posts between.

Mark out position of notches, 90mm high and 30mm deep, on all posts. STEP 9 With power saw set to cut 30mm deep, run it through post multiple times between top and bottom marks of each notch. STEP 10 Use sharp chisel to remove waste timber and smooth bottom of notch. Prime raw timber exposed by cutting. STEP 11 Cut rails to fit in notches. Where joins are required, make rail on each side of join sit halfway on post. Predrill, then attach rails to posts using 100mm galvanised batten screws, 2 per post. STEP 12 Use angle grinder to cut 1 old fence panel to suit overall height of rails and distance between posts for 1 selected panel. Make sure there are no sharp edges where you have cut the wire. Attach wire panel to back of rails by screwing through old fence tabs with 30mm galvanised button head screws.

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