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People do you remember countdown song pretty much for Christmas here six seven weeks away the holiday transfer everywhere it’s here it is everywhere is exploded i think it happened I would think before Halloween. So we’ve got to get out there but i wanted to show you just a few ideas i’ve been working on Christmas really since the summer which it was a bit scary and I want to show you some of the trends some of the things I’m seeing how to create holiday moments in your house I don’t think you need to like last the whole thing Christmas but you can just create a few moments but i hope this inspires you ok the few templates for don’t experience ok. So I’m going to start here and i’m going to start with a fur throw. So I just think you need one of these generally in fall winter time but I want you to think of the fur throw around your treat. So at the bottom of the tree. So instead of those traditional tree skirt that sometimes Arlo tacky you could put a fourth row and add.

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So much texture and glam your degree and then pelo now i’m not a big fan of the Santa face on a pillow i will admit I have seen some of those around which will show you i like it’s not all this i got at indigo and you know bringing in some metallics adding a couple pillows to your couch just it’s a moment of Christmas you can keep this up all year round but put it away bring it out next year we go with a lot of whites for go about it I like the white the creams the gold the silvers you can mix the gold and silver that’s like your bass and then if you want to add colors or anything it’s. So easy to do. So that’s why i thought i’ll show you some of the face things that you can bring baby trend that’s all baby tree is. So cute and they have these in all different sizes.

So i thought for all of us that live in bank hurt small spaces these would be great because they actually it actually does light up and you can actually put ornaments. So I put some cute little ornaments on there and again you get this tree in a bigger size put this on a side table your sideboard and again you don’t need that can be it it can just be that moment and that says Christmas okay yeah my second little vignette hear from Canadian Tire like we’ll talk about Christmas explosion they get they have it all there but i want to show you this little idea. So this is a wreath kind of pull it up here that you might already have at home but again you can get these really quite inexpensively and instead of putting it on a door or window which you could about using it as a centerpiece.

So like we did here you could use it on your table put in the middle of your table put some cute trees on it some candles and you’ve got a really chic looking christmas centerpiece that can go on your table your coffee table we’re go on agree with your sorcery getting creative and then this is something I do every year is I just take causes that I have at home and then these christmas balls little christmas balls but there again that’s your moment maybe you had a reindeer if you’re going really crazy but you just again you can put on the sideboard side table your kitchen your dining room and that’s what people really love when they come in and just seeing these little touches and these little moments you like your glitter ever done going over there is a bit of a theme there isnt aron always covered in glitter here and then third I got some things from Thomas Hobbes and again talk about inspiration they are like a winter wonderland over there but I know we’re not all florist. So I thought what are some easy tactical things from there that we could incorporate. So similar to the balls here I thought you know we all have these kind of like causes or hurricane and just put some pine cones in there. So I don’t know about collecting outside right now they’re little wet but you can get them anywhere. So again put this on your table or sideboard greenery from outside bringing out your nice little glasses for tea lights or China and then collecting branches. So there’s some great full greenery this is actually all though but just gathering a few branches together tying it with a beautiful ribbon setting on your mantle and that’s done. So it’s just like a little moment it’s not Christmas overload it’s just little moment that natural touch always says business in terms of inspiration for the holidays homes for the holidays you’re involved with this tell us what’s happening but because it’s go on be awesome it’s five houses in vancouver decorated by five different designers and it’s on November 26 and 27 all proceeds go to kids help phone and I’ve gone as a viewer before and it just provides tons of inspiration this is just a little teeth but you’re going to have. So much inspiration for Christmas was going to everyone when you’re involved this year what you want i am decorating one of the houses ya expect to see plenty of pinecones and glitter resolved with this oh yeah oh there will be a beautiful thing you can check it out thanks for the ideas you got for us today thank you thanks for having me.

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