Christmas Ornaments DIY

Sun is shining snow is covering holidays or upon a scarlet rain is here and how many generations are up in your else right now no but you always share beautiful ideas with us and this is something i look at the simplicity of this everyone think this house condo where everybody do this. So I’ve set it up in like little stations here to treat inspire you I should really like the little trees but this is all about the do it yourself or demands things you can do with your kids. So if you haven’t got your tree up you can do this this weekend if you’ve got your tree up these are just perhaps you can do with your kids and I’m doing this with a 25 8 year olds tomorrow oh. So wish me and last but I’m what I’m scared. So the first one is that these clear balls and what I’ve done here is gotten a bunch of clear ball and you can basically put anything in themselves glass or plastic or plastic.

Christmas Ornaments DIY Photo Gallery

So if you get kids go with the plastic. So literally take off the top I hate you to create one if you like you just put some glitter go on do some glitter you can put some leaves in there anything you want i put ribbon i put some little balls in here I actually don’t judge me but because of the snow i went to the florist and went through like their garbage pail yeah and collected little scraps that they has just absolutely beautiful something it’s just a little tip because of the weather you can go actually collect those goods craps out of the garbage bin of your florist washi tape anything just get creative with your own out of the blue here oh yeah that’s true that’s sort of give you a step over to the second thing I think this I’m super excited about this is very new to me have your credits no notice commercial a little too well let me show you you see this here again this is just a plastic ornament and recorded a little scene in there but you need snow.

So what are you going to do is use a bit of baking soda. So you put the baking soda in if you could squeeze in the conditioner to the good thing out okay let’s and then you stir it together and can you see this starting to make starting to make a snow like a snow light texture that your kids like kids go nuts for this I did this last night with my girls and they were going crazy and. So you could use this. So you can put it in the ornaments you can put it in these ornaments just makes no whole fun of it conditioner and baking soda and the next one. So cute is using the decoupage. So these are little cabin sprites you can get it like the dollar store and I printed off on the computer literally I just googled like rank you reindeer pics printed that off cut it out and you decoupage it on to the little canvas and it’s not add a little string and you’ve got the core you can put pictures family pictures on there. So easy cute really 40 k plus one last one here okay he stood to school photos now what are you doing some pretty good works full time like the we end our day is over to your job right well and. So I’ve heard something to do with the school photo I’m saying punch couple holes at the top of the school photo add a little bell and to a ribbon and a paperclip not paper clip a little clip something cute and just clip it to your train this is such a good idea for a local high school for you to do that you are getting three yes yes you can have a good like old school tree you can do a whole theme of your year you could do vacations.

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