Colorful Interior Design Ideas

Discovering colour Getting it right was still a challenge. I painted my bedroom first, in navy blue and fuchsia pink – but I decided to change it after a year. In fact, many of the striking colour combinations in the flat have been a result of trial and error. I had to paint the kitchen three times before I found a colour I was happy with. At first, I fought the fact that the room had no natural light by using light, bright colours, but I just wasn’t happy with any of them. In the end, I decided to try black and pink, and it was the best thing I did. DIYdiva Rather than relying on decorators, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do the painting myself.

I really enjoy painting, it’s peaceful and satisfying and I like to spend my time on it. The striking, diagonal lines throughout the flat were born of necessity rather than design. When I was painting the living room I didn’t have a stepladder, so I couldn’t reach the top of the ceiling. I was standing on a bench on the table! As a quick fix I decided to paint the wall diagonally, going lower, with the aim of finishing it when I got a ladder. 

colorful interior design ideas

But I actually, I really liked it and decided to make that a theme in each of the rooms. Carefully considered I’d describe my style as eclectic. I love a whole mix of things, the furniture and accessories in the flat are a mix of some modern items I fell in love with and some older items that have a real sense of history. I’ve used space-saving ideas that mean there are no forgotten corners – every single nook and cranny has been carefully thought out and put to use.

colorful interior design ideas 1

Bedside tables are wall mounted to maximise space, while the spaces under the staircases have been thoughtfully filled with cosy chairs, bureaus, rugs and lamps. The kitchen table doubles as a wine storage rack and benches stow away under the dining table so there is plenty of space to move around it. The gallery of film posters also helped reshape the flat from a plain white box to a colourful, original living space that’s finally got character.

colorful interior design ideas 2

I did a degree in film, and I really like minimalist movie posters, so I sourced these prints based on their colours and images. Inthe zone The features I love the most are the unusual mezzanine levels. The mezzanines in every room essentially double the space, and have allowed me to create different zones in each one. They give the flat character. In the bedrooms, the beds are upstairs which leaves the downstairs free for a sofa, desk or dressing area. I have a lounge upstairs on the mezzanine level, and the dining area downstairs, next to the kitchen. I think other people who viewed the flat struggled to see how they would use the space, but I fell in love with it straight away.

colorful interior design ideas 3 colorful interior design ideas 4

Finding My style I’m an avid fan of Instagram, which has been an interior inspiration. You can see my journey @sophiecsophiedo. It’s a platform that is full of amazing ideas and it gave me the confidence to do things myself, rather than pay for someone else to do them. I don’t believe anyone does as good a job as you can do yourself – after all, it’s your home! It also really helped me find my interior style. I realised I was drawn to so many different looks and I couldn’t decide if I liked minimalist or maximalist, bright colours or dark… in the end, I decided that if I just bought things that I loved, and put them in a space together, the look would all tie together in the end – and it did!’




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