Commercial Interior Design Ideas

Commercial Interior Design Ideas

Accessorizing with Character
Everyone has their stable of staples. It might bean inherited lace-edged linen tablecloth, ornate silverware, a lovely tea set, or a needlepoint pillow. Over the years I’ve styled many photographs for our posts and for decorating magazines. This forces one to accumulate many items that always add character, just the right color, or a much needed accent to a photo shoot.

For this purpose, I lug home yellow and blue dishes from Provence, worn lace pillowcases, and an assortment of pottery from trips.

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I also use these items as often as possible because I only get what I love. Everyone has a few things that make them happy to look at because they have a personal meaning.

It might be a gift you received from a close friend, a souvenir you bought while on vacation, or something you saved from your childhood. When displayed, these are the things that add character to a room, because they have a special meaning.
Setting a Lovely Table
When I’m having company I count on my ornate silverware to dress up the plain inexpensive white dishes I favor. My grandmother’s cranberry-glass water goblets always do the elegant trick instantly.

Don’t keep your best things wrapped away for another generation to discover and enjoy. Use it all now.
Empty nesters often move from a large family home to a smaller house or apartment. After years of collecting it’s time to weed out.

If you’re in this situation you may have too many wonderful items to use all at once. Play house and spread everything about, then carefully choose those things that relate in size, color, texture, and shape and make “tablescapes” in each room. This seems a less daunting assignment than decorating from scratch.

These final touches make a room come alive and feel like home.

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