Concrete Floor Ideas

Concrete Floor Ideas


It is much quicker to execute a complex design with a stencil, and for one like this, it is easier to use a separate stencil for each colour. Aerosol spray paint has been used for this design – quick, but the fumes are unpleasant. Remember, it is not possible to stencil an unbroken line you will need bridging struts like those at the edge of the central panel here.

Essentially, a stencil is a template for effectively and quickly transferring a design, even a complex and elaborate one, onto a surface. Each additional colour of the design either requires a separate stencil, or requires one to mask off a different section each time if reusing one stencil for the whole design. Almost any style can be created with stencils.

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Borders can vary from delicate natural affairs, with leaves and flowers spilling out onto the main part of the floor, to severely delineated geometric patterns that powerfully define the whole shape of a room.

Stencils are also useful for decorating the main area of a floor. Loose flowing designs can almost blend into each other to provide an overall pattern that is not too overbearing. You can use stencils on top of chequerboard

squares. They can even be used to create an intricate chequerboard design or one that incorporates curves and circles. Very small squares or a mosaic type of design can be painted onto a floor in this way with comparative ease.

Specialist shops sell a variety of dedicated stencil paints, but you can easily use your own colours. Acrylic paints are probably the most convenient as they are easy to apply and dry quickly, thereby minimizing the risk of smudging; oil colours, on the other hand, can take days to dry. If the colours are too concentrated, dilute them with the appropriate artist’s medium, and remember always to mix sufficient colour at the beginning to complete the job. Standard house decorating paint is too thick and sticky for stencilling.

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