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Make sure to stock up on flavor in your kitchen. These will infuse excitement into every dish Blended with the finest spices and flavors, McCormick Rice Cookers Recipe Mix turns any meal into a feast with bold flavors like Hainanese Chicken, Biryani, and Nasi Lemak rice.


On the Range

Whip up a feast with top kitchen essentials from La Germania

When it comes to preparing the perfect feast, homeowners know that a good meal requires more than the choicest ingredients. These must be prepared with the finest cooking gear.

La Germania gives each culinary journey a delightful twist with its selection of ingenious kitchen appliances. Upholding Italian craftsmanship and precision, gas ranges are made of high quality materials for long lasting use, so as not to compromise quality. As a design element, these sleek and sharp machines stand out as the centerpiece to the modern kitchen, boasting timeless elegance on top of long-term performance.

90-cm chimney hood with steel canopy and glass visor Electric cooktop with five cooking zones and hob controls Five-burner hob with squared cast-iron pan supports Built-in electric oven with five cooking functions

A Stove Story

Get to know the basics behind the La Germania free-standing range


Cleaning is fast and easy because the burners are sealed, with no sharp angles or dirt traps. The one-piece stainless steel surface eliminates gaps that trap dirt and oil from getting trapped.

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