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When Tassie Pools came on board, the house, which was designed by Tony Purse of Loop Architecture, was essentially completed and footings for the deck and pool already poured. Starter bars were in place and there was a vein of rock extending into the corner of the space where the pool was to go. It was Tassie Pools’ mission to work around these constraints to build a pool of adequate proportions while enhancing the views from the house that wrapped around the deck and pool. Contemporary home design ideas After a brief discussion with the engineer and the fabrication of some crank bars to form a ledge for the length of the pool, there was no need to blast any rock or disturb any existing footings. It was agreed that construction of the pool shell would be completed by the builder and owner. Reinforced core-filled Island Block & Paving blocks were used for the pool walls. The interior of the pool is fibreglass with a smooth finish and the waterline tiles are glass mosaics. Sandstone-coloured Island Block & Paving 300mm x 300mm bullnose paving was used for the pool coping. The “babbling brook” was to be a feature viewed from the living areas of the home, with additional glimpses revealed as you travelled the long hallway. To create the water feature, Tassie Pools took a moulded fibreglass race tank and modified it on site to join the pool lining, providing a continuous water-tight finish to the pool proper. Hand-picked river-washed stones were placed over the grate. For the pool, a Davey FG32 sand filter with Zelbrite filter media and matching PM pump was used, the latter providing flow to the water feature. Davey Silensor water-cooled pumps run the separate Isaac ozone system and Sunbather solar heating system for optimum efficiency and minimal noise. With the installation of Spa Electrics niche lights, the picture was completed. Both the homeowners and the judges of the SPASA Victoria Awards of Excellence 2015 were impressed by the end result, with the latter awarding Tassie Pools and Spas a Highly Commended in the Best Fibreglass, Acrylic or Vinyl-lined Pool by a Country Member category.

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