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Soft floor-coverings

Good-quality carpet is still costly and specially dyed, and woven wool carpet remains one of the most expensive of floor-coverings. Most wool carpets contain a proportion of nylon to increase their durability but cheaper carpets are generally made with a higher percentage of synthetic materials and are more loosely woven than traditionally made wool carpets. High-quality carpets, though, can be made from synthetic materials as well.

Carpet is, in fact, very hard-wearing and is suitable for most environments, including those that have to endure very heavy foot traffic; it is widely used in commercial applications. It is not suitable, however, where there are likely to be spillages kitchens and bathrooms, say. If carpet is used in a demanding environment, it will need more expensive, specialized care than would a hard floor.

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Cool Carpet Designs Photo Gallery

As carpet is such a forgiving material, the tendency in some countries has been to lay it in almost every room, but in recent years the sophistication of modern heating systems has meant that the sense of warmth afforded by carpet is no longer so important, allowing other materials, particularly wood, to gain in popularity. The recent increase in allergies to dust mites, which carpet harbours by the million, has also caused more people to turn to alternative flooring materials. For some rooms, however, carpet will always be a sensible and popular choice of flooring. Indeed, nothing can beat a fully carpeted bedroom in winter, feet sinking into the soft pile, warm and softly reassuring, even noise deadened to a soft hush. Inner sanctums living rooms, studies unlikely to be tainted by mud benefit too from that special sense of luxury.

Carpet is available in a huge range of colours and types. Darker colours are more suitable for areas, such as hallways, where dirt is likely to be brought in from outside, and you can choose from a vast range of neutral colours for a simple backdrop to an overall decorating scheme. Or you can make the carpet more of a focus. Borders, repeat patterns and central motifs are all easily incorporated into a carpet design. Stair carpet is available nowadays with attractive borders which can add restrained interest to an otherwise plain flight of stairs.

Carpet is not the only type of soft flooring. Natural floor-coverings are increasingly popular, because they can provide a room with an elegant and sophisticated backdrop and are excellent for showing off colourful rugs. They are derived from plant fibres woven together to form a mat.

The fibres of natural floor-coverings are often left undyed, so they take their colour from the plant from which they are made. They may be bleached to offer a lighter, more neutral look. Although some plant fibres will not take dye, others can be dyed very successfully; sometimes an interwoven coloured weft gives the material a subtle hint of colour whilst retaining its overall natural, undyed look.

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