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But there was also a vogue for having favourite pets painted in a manner reminiscent of human portraits, often using a trompe I’oeil frame or background to give additional prominence to the subject. Among the notable dog portraitists whose works appear fairly frequently in galleries and specialist sales today are Richard Ansdell, James Hardy Junior. Maud Earl, Reuben Ward Binks, Briton Riviere and George Armfield. Dogs in comic or poignant situations neath satisfied the Victorians’ appetite for narrative paintings as well as their love of animals. These genre pictures were developed bf Landseer and. in many well-known paintings, the dog was nc longer portrayed as a subservient animal, but as s symbol of courage or fidelity. Two of the mosl popular of Landseer’s compositions (copies ol which appear frequently in salerooms) are Tht of rushing water. Jane Stevens returned post-haste to London and bought the property there and then.

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