Country Kitchen Design Ideas

Country Kitchen Design Ideas
Welcome to hot. And spicy Miami Florida, we’re in the kitchen of Lucy Abreu it’s anything but hot. And nothing is as it seems yes food oh that’s why her daughter Josie is surprising her with a real green country my mom’s kitchen. So much with only five days. And one problem after another this is gonna delay us it’s a constant struggle to get things that would we do but with my designs. And contrast. And who are ya. And celebrated chef Eric Greenspan mastery of all things kitchen the effect it’s gonna have on your food is gonna unloose, we’re going to do whatever it takes it is what it is to fix this kitchen today’s a big day, we’re in Miami it’s hot we’ve got to tear apart this kitchen today for Lucy she’s not here right now her daughter Josie’s gonna be helping us out Lucy loves cooking Dominican food she has a big family everyone comes over the house for amazing meals she’s doing it right now in a kitchen that’s not. So great we have a pool gang here we’ve got chef Eric Greenspan you’ve got five days to finish this kitchen okay. So welcome into my house when kitchen it’s a disaster. I’m sorry my mom absolutely hates that kitchen she can’t work in it she worked.

So fast that things end up getting in her way she doesn’t have enough counter space okay, I guess we’ll start here we have our storage compartment there’s not enough space for anything really wait wait wait you store in the dishwasher yeah after we wash it by hand we put it in the dishwasher we don’t use the dishwasher it doesn’t clean well is there be stuffing there is we have food in there it stops working question yes what it did work yeah did you have flute gear hmm sometimes it is totally a biggest weakness negative. So all other appliances have turned into storage vessels yes awesome what, I am most amazed about is that your mom has all this storage that’s not even in the kitchen yeah please the garage this area over here where it looks like a dining area but really it does anyone sit there. Because it doesn’t yeah we do sit there, I actually cook on that table as well since we don’t have enough space to cook together you’ve got maybe like five. And a half feet okay you taught me mm-hmm in counter space that’s not a good that is not a good thing, I see this poor woman just cutting. And slashing. And slipping. And banging everywhere that’s going to cook for a family we have been working on this kitchen for the past couple of weeks and, we’re essentially changing everything you want to do a range this would work perfectly new appliances new countertops new layout we open up this wall right the back wall then we have room for the campers that you want right how does that love push you’re not gonna recognize well we’ve got five days not his kitchen out that’s perfect my stepdads coming home in five game from where Iraq does your mom no no it’s a surprise to my mom we home in the next couple of months but not only is Lucy getting at a brand new kitchen she’s gonna be able to see her husband who she hasn’t seen in months you have a lot of family in town right yeah okay. So, we’re gonna have a big having a family reunion nice.

So new kitchen look in the family reunion perfect it’s the times, I love it where is she right now she’s at school right now we have to tear apart that kitchen before she comes home in just a few hours when, I get started. And turn this thing yeah all right. So with this kitchen, we’re keeping pretty much the same layout. So on the wall that the sink was, we’re actually going to take down that wall to be a lower wall. So that now that countertop is all the same thing, we’re taking down this back wall. And pushing it into the garage refrigerator we’ll go on this back wall, we’re also going to have more counter space more upper cabinets. And underneath the window, we’re going to run another little area for barstools. And prep space, we’re going to have a lot more counter space. And work space along the oven. And microwave wall at the end of that bag of cabins, we’re going to do two -inch pull-out pantries your mom to be home any second now. So we really have to give a little message we did take this bad boy down okay. So let’s get the guys in here yeah let’s unleash the house yeah as you can see we have this panel right here smack in the center of the wall that, we’re relocating. And putting on this side when we tear this down we have the trench the floor through the concrete yes ma’am why can’t we run it through the walls Michael you have to bring it where it comes the power the service comes from the bottom. So we have to get a junction box tied to the top. And bring it into this wall. And that’s what we do before we have to replace every single circuit in their house all the lines coming into this now have to be rerouted usually takes about you know three four days to do this with the time that, we’re playing with, we’re gonna stay here up to five oh five of the morning to go to them, I have faith in you but. I’m nervous Lucy’s about to come home in a few minutes wall is down kitchen is demoed. And Bob’s on her way.

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This is what we’ve been doing all day oh thank god oh look anything rid of all this bridge just bro garbage disposer broker trash is smelling up at the garage oh my god this is amazing, I don’t have a job. And it was just like overwhelming in five days you’re gonna have a brand-new kitchen everything is from Ikea you’re just gonna have finished. And you got some families down yes we do my sister. And my nephew were here. So five days family reunion absolutely I’d love it right here right here. I’ll cook oh that’s great that makes coulis yeah. And in those five days, we’re not gonna be here you get to relax. And hotel take your mind off you don’t make any decisions before, I get chopped your hotel we left one piece of the kitchen that must have been made of your existence, I want you to think about all of the pain this kitchen is caught Ameena, we’re gonna get any working on last night why you have time for that craftsmanship you my gosh holy cow holy cow in the trenches right you can see you guys it’s just metal you know kitchen upgrade we have to relocate one of the biggest walls with the plumbing the electrical panel we couldn’t get any work done last night he goes out to get o’clock townhouses next-door neighbor that’s overclock you wanted us out of here. So you know we just pretty much left, I wasn’t able to get to the electrical cutting the concrete. Because of the noise getting chipped the floors, I couldn’t do the majority of the construction had.

I have known it was gonna be like this, I would have never moved walk never this is gonna delay us you know, I mean this taking. So much time is not going to affect everything that’s gonna happen in this kitchen maybe we do another four option we have put in force well yeah, I get that. I’m just saying or we decide not to move the wall everything is still here maybe we just say forget it we can reconfigure the cabinets, I available if you see if you tell these guys to not move the wall after they just did this, I can’t love a revolution, I get it why can we do that is going to save us time you got your mirror are you very much honest we’ve got right. Because this has pay penis. So we have to keep this this has a water line the idea was to marry this soffit. And to match it on the refrigerator wall back here. So that the soffit is built out around. And all the upper cabinets around the corner rapping to the window cuz he have time for that craftsmanship, I look at the state of the kitchen and. I’m thinking we’ve got to get this done we got a party to throw sometimes we don’t need to put in the soffit we don’t need a mirror this. I’m gonna get plenty of cabinetry that’s one little element it doesn’t really affect everything that we do that will save them quite a bit of time into magic.

I imagine framing out this whole thing where they can just go straight up on the walls we’ll probably a lot easier, I have to stand in a place of keeping the design in line for Lucy yeah, I get you Duchess but you got to choose that you gotta tune are you gonna choose something a soffit which is completely part of my French but totally unnecessary or are we gonna keep the floors which, I imagine is something that you’re probably more concerned about apparently not probably more concerned about them unnecessarily soften she’s headed herself something’s got to give she said to me ever to the floors you order this. So IP doesn’t think which is called the soffit cuz, I don’t even know what a soffit is, I get where he’s going to save time but not at the expense of the design absolutely not not just whatever dilemma start a second day right. And without each other try to guess what this is microwave yes beyond the fact that it’s sleek. And it works which is automatically a step up oh yeah this bad boys got some pretty cool function number one low volt. So when you got an electrical stove. And the microwave gone at the same time your power bills are going to skyrocket. And you just kind of keep best part this bad boy this will slide into a charcoal filter that’s underneath it. And this thing will catch all the grease. So there’s gonna stain your backsplash or your paint. And they’re interchangeable you buy new ones of these. And they just pop in. And pop out. So it makes cleaning a breeze let’s go back oh. So this is the door style it’s going in okay okay this is a really nice classic line it’s very simple. And we did light tones just to keep it more modern okay this was my launching point right the postcard. So the postcard from Spain this was on her refrigerator.

So, I figured what a great way to take the design off of something that she already really loves ever admires. And then we have the granite again this pulls in the tones of the postcard kind of earthy right contrast to the door work together yeah. So now Xbox unwelcome was that great she’s been alumna. And then we’ve got Hardware no she likes modern elements. So that will be the door hardware good are you step. And the only difference up seeing is less calamity over Shaq Oh Oh God let’s focus on the major plumbing. And electrical finally got done now the stuff behind the stuff is done let’s start hanging stuff up start putting things together there’s a lot of ha wait a cabinet yeah we did yeah yeah how you doing alright. So you see, we’re ready attach this piece raise our seat cabinet um the dishwasher goes here right we just realize, we’re now about six inches of extra partitioning yeah we can either cut this back cut this off. And this is gone or we build out the wall here we got to make a decision as soon as possible. Because the grants already been cut in the convoy what do we do about two baby deer uh hmm what do we just build out. So it looks like this right. So see how you see right here right now we build another little pony wall out. And then our countertop just comes he doesn’t have to cut it but. And then this face is just drywall it is what it is just keeps us from cutting down that countertop you know one way it’s a can of worms this way it’s a can of worms. And whatever it is where do you work consider it done kameena we are still. So deep in the wind that, I feel bad. So he chose it look we have your home afraid the value of your home increased you they for kind of rolled in the day by for me, I came back after dinner just to check in on the guys.

. And I couldn’t walk away. And leave them working all night, I had to stay, I had to stay we saw some work to do well yeah yeah okay you want me to give you the rundown. I’m very good yeah all right. So last night we did the tile but all the countertops were installed sink they were finishing up the soffit. And drywall action got doors too they have done a lot of work it’s just there’s still a lot left to do it is definitely moving along we are still. So deep in the weeds that, I feel bad telling Josie that, we’re closed this nice right yeah it’s color, I know, I gotta get like yeah, I got I’ve got some cooking supplies she’s my dad if we haven’t started yet yep that sounds great yeah, I gotta get some lesser accessories can you do it can you call your mom. And have her meet us there. And I kinda want to pick out the stuff with her. So it kind of we collaborate on what she might need in here yeah your daughter was actually telling me about a dish that you’re pretty well known for in the neighborhood which is mom, I move yes mmm huh what is that again that’s the boiled green plantains okay you mush them together well with butter. And oil. And that’s pretty much it you ever seen one of these good no this is a potato masher mm-hmm or perhaps in your case a UH new Baker, I like this what this is you can put the plantains in here. And then crush. And it’s a lot more simple than doing the whole mashup what, I get is you get a finer grade right away see you put him right through those holes. I’m thinking we need to find a pot that works with our theme of the kitchen right it’s kind of like an eclectic a travel feel okay that’s like a exemption. Because it’s not perfect okay great. So we’ll grab a big one. And a little one you got the big one that thing was perfect done yeah one of these things are yes what is it we call it’ll be long. I’ll be look why, I caught a border capsule okay but that’s a real thing we’ve got. So many different things.

So what do you use it formashed garlic fresh Oh you throw this bad boy. And then grind them up yourself either into a paste or into a powder the amount of the effect it’s gonna have with your food it’s gonna be unbelievable Nicole look at these these are are yours you see they’re. So adorable, I think they need to go in the kitchen, I don’t want to reach your top all right we good but everything you need all right let’s get out of here heck yeah you’re going to talk about coming down to the wire we fucked there today we are minutes away of getting this thing done Luci is minutes away forever she’s gonna walk into this kitchen. And she’s gonna. And then her husband’s gonna go back to my rack. And she’s gonna cry it’s beautiful, I love them one of the things that, I knew that you really wanted in this kitchen was family and. So that’s why we put in this little bar area, I love it absolutely if you notice the magic silver box doesn’t protrude out to the kitchen very part doesn’t notice that yet. So it’s also counter def right. So that this fridge is the same depth as your common tree there’s a lot of ridges come out to about right here you also notice where, we’re standing does this kitchen feel a little bit bigger yes absolutely, we’re in the garage we are what was once the garage. And now instead of all your storage being in the garage it’s in your kitchen take a look at that left Kevin amazing crazy, I could pull it out yeah, I love this easy access. And I have to be timing it find stuff behind that this is a this is not a cabinet this not only something right but down here it is a functioning ventilation system see this you do the honours on that one okay. And that’s just one of many upper cabinets that you have in this kitchen the fact that, I can have my family in the kitchen while. I’m cooking is what makes me very happy right now we had your home appraised. And the value of your home with this remodel has now increased, wow that’s amazing it’s real great it’s turn we do family reunion but there’s reunions reunions, I was dynasty Lucy. So when, I saw Lucy, I was very happy to give her a hug. But I thought that wasn’t in my home, I cannot put it all together took a minute for mine to realize. I’m in my house they just did a kitchen. And I’m. So happy you’re here do you think here’s to good friends became a great kitchen ready further is. So good.

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