Country Living Room Decor Ideas

Country Living Room Decor Ideas
Appropriate Fixtures?

Even in the best regulated houses, from time to time things will need changing or modernising. You may suddenly find yourself in the middle of a family uprising – a violent rebellion against living in chill authentically, warmed only by an attractive but moody stove. Before you reach, with frozen hand, for the local paper and the name of the nearest plumber, you would do well to consider alternatives to standard modern heating systems for your home.

3 The Best of the Past?

There was a time, at the end of the nineteenth century, when radiators were considered a cause for celebration and were created as works of art – large and serviceable with a flurry of embossed art nouveau leaves. Again, in the 1920s and 1930s, radiators were made to stand large and proud and unashamed. Subsequently, heating engineers have become diffident about their creations. Now we have radiators that may take up the same, if not a larger amount of wall space, but they look like chunks of industrial jetsam.

There are two solutions. The preferable one is to find good, old-fashioned solid radiators; the second is to camouflage contemporary radiators, by using cunning paint colour, or by boxing them in with a lid on the top (166).

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