Country living room designs

By the Backyard

Bring back memories with colors reminiscent of your childhood

Written by IDr. Joy Merryl Ngo I Photographed by Mark Jacob of Studio 100

Styled by Ashleigh Rye.

Styled by Ashleigh Rye

Pink shades are often stereotyped as part of a feminine palette, but pairing them with a neutral color such as gray presents a completely different concept. Calming to the eyes, pink usually sets a light mood with its soft and delicate appeal. Gray, in contrast, provides a masculine and powerful effect. Further accentuating the table setting with glass and wood elements can stir up a tranquil atmosphere, which is perfect for brunches that feature organic meals. riffs

Start your day right with a quirky but orderly setup

Written by IDr. Joy Merryl Ngo Photographed by Mark Jacob of Studio 100 Styled by Ashleigh Rye

Red and olive green are two colors that, when used together, don’t necessary blend in to create a single combination. Instead, it provides an opportunity for each color to highlight its strengths.

Red signifies passion and intensity, while green gives a sense of renewal and self-control. Because of this evident contrasting effect, it would be a good choice to inject neutral colors and elements of wood to create levels and depth.

Arrange your dinnerware in a random but orderly manner, making every piece fit inside an imaginary frame to prevent a cluttered look. jffii

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