Craft Room Makeover Ideas

Craft Room Makeover Ideas

As someone with a crafting problem, I know how hard it can be to keep supplies under control, we’re here in beautiful Buford Georgia to help a fellow crafter get her space organized. And ready for creative welcome to Ikea home hey come on in thank you my name is Brenda Schmidt. I’m from view for Georgia, I live here with my daughter. And my grandson we have a dog. And three cats. And an aquarium. So we all live here we’ve got plenty of space. And we all have our own areas in the house, I called the squad to come in. And help me with my craft room. So that, I could maximize the space that, I am using for my craft room, I dye crochet thread. And yarn for knitting. And crocheting mainly. And I have my winding tools for preparing the yarn. And for finishing the yarns. I’m having to constantly move things around to make it fit it’s just kind of a challenge to find the room. And you know everything’s stored under here. And I have to move things out of the way in order to get to something way back there.

So, I notice over there area looks like over there any large winder yes. I’m down work with that well, I would. But I can’t move my arm. So you do already have some storage that’s an open shelving you’ve got bins. And drawers that are kind of out where’s to keep my Etsy shop stock takes up a lot of room. So I’ve got totes everywhere. And I’m, I just need more space to store everything neatly, I think we might be able to help you out all right you okay you guys we’ve seen the space three words storage storage storage Robin you.

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And I will go down to the market. I’ll look for open shelving. And maybe some storage bins help Corral all that stuff if the three of you could hit the showroom looking for great storage cabinetry maybe a nice worktop for her to do all of her activities. And also a good chair for her for when she’s doing knitting. And kind of relaxing the space to sound good let’s do it great for storage fully extending drawers also our counter tops you’re going to provide a great durable workspace. So she can do her projects on what do you think about going. And checking those out we’ve had a great day shopping we picked out some great storage solutions. And accessories for Brenda’s room now, we’re going to head on out. And transform it into the craft space of her dreams we’ve managed to keep brenda outside buildings the whole time she hasn’t seen a thing we have a few more things to wrap up. And a big order just came through. So we need to get finished.

So she can get back into work let’s go oh what do you feel the water beautiful every good, I can’t even Oh God. And I know that to go gym first it’s a wonderful we know that you spend a lot of time of your computer with your Etsy business. So we wanted to give you a new workspace that has this great Galant desk. And also file storage you can keep your paperwork’s closeby but not in piles on your desk we put in a pax wardrobe for great storage that you can close up. And not look at all the time of it we give you a lot more workspace using our kitchen cabinet system you could also be sitting. And relaxing. And relaxing on the stacking chair we know that you wanted to be able to see your stock. So with the glass doors. And the tilted shelves you should be able to see what you have. And see what you need. And also keep it clear from dust as well yes that’s awesome the three words, I would use to describe my new space would be amazing relaxing oasis. And I am looking forward to getting down here at the end of the day, I can come down put my feet up. And just relax. I’m really looking forward to getting to use it you guys leaving you know that’s it for this episode of to find out more about how you can join the IKEA home tour visit our youtube my blog you.

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