Craft Room Organization Ideas

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Hey guys, we’re here with four great tips on how to organize your craft room tip one rail systems are great. Because they save your surface space while keeping your supplies neat. And organized here we use the grunt aisle rails with the cutlery caddy to hold paintbrushes markers. And colored pencils above we have the dignity curtain wire with clips to hold paints tip two rolling cards make it easy to create a portable art station here we use the Sten stork kitchen cart it has wheels allowing you to move it freely throughout your space and.

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Because the tabletop is higher you can stand while working. And we mounted a grunt L rail on one side. So we could hang these caddies which make it easy to keep paintbrushes. And drawing utensils within reach tip three drawer dividers are an easy way to keep things organized these two maro drawer dividers are great. Because they can be cut to fit tip for our organization is key here we use the fiallo storage boxes from Ikea with multiple sizes. And colors to choose from it’s easy to find the right one for your space. And the labels allow you to find what you need thanks. So much for reading for more tips. And inspiration be sure to check out Home Tour Series com you.

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