Creating a Better Everyday Life Sustainably

Creating a Better Everyday Life Sustainably

There’s living a sustainable lifestyle mean we have to say no to everything do we have to change all our habits. And live like we did hundreds of years ago, I don’t think. So certainly a little things have to change. But I believe the best way of achieving a sustainable future is by moving forwards not backwards sustainability is not new to IKEA we’ve done a lot. And would be doing a lot more at IKEA we focus on three things why we use renewable energy. And protect natural resources how we treat the people in. And around our company. And how we help customers live a more sustainable life at home these are all LED laughs LED is such an amazing technique to work with it uses, less energy than an old incandescent bulb.

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LED is extremely long-lasting LED will last up to years in years time, I could have grandchildren you don’t have to replace your lamps at home to save energy all you have to do is take out the old traditional light bulb. And put the new LED bulbs in lighting can play a really strong part in sustainability. Because in everybody’s home you have lights if all IKEA customers around the world took out one traditional light bulb. And replaced it with a new LED bulb that would save enough energy to power up a city with million people LEDs aren’t just good for the environment they’re good on your wallet. And they also give a really good light when it comes to raw materials like cotton. And wood we have to make more from less. And we have to make sure the cotton. And wood is grown with respect for people. And the environment we love the Sun. And we love the wind. And they’ll never run out finding new ways of turning them into energy is also important this is a solar panel when the Sun shines on it it produces electricity enough for televisions.

But we’re not using solar panels to power televisions, we’re using it to power our aquella buildings around the world we have installed more than, solar panels already today we are also investing in wind turbines in countries where the Sun is not shining. So much already today more than half of the energy used in IKEA buildings is coming from renewable sources the goal is, renewable energy. And I think we will get there sooner than you’d expect we want to contribute to a better life for people locally. And globally we care about how the people who make our products are treated is by working together with our suppliers that we can help transform working conditions. And have a positive impact on the environment. I’m convinced the best way to get results is by working together one great example is our soft toy campaign where our customers help make a great difference for the most important people in the world children my daughter says, I have the best job in order what the whole day you’re buying soft toys you must have got the best job in the world that she was telling me like this yeah each year we have a campaign where Kia foundation donates euro for each software that’s our customers buy the money goes to Save the Children. And UNICEF projects to help improve the education for the children cross Europe Asia. And Africa. So far more than million euros has been raised. Because of this million children can get the quality education. I’m really excited about working with customers co-workers. And suppliers all over the world helping create a better everyday life there’s nothing more important we’ve come a long way. But we’re still just warming up has anybody seen the matches you.

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