Creating Safer Homes Together Extended

Creating Safer Homes Together Extended

At IKEA we want to help create a better life for our customers part of that is helping customers create a safe home for their families according to the CPSC every two weeks a child in the US dies when furniture TVs or appliances tip over the chest of drawers is tempting for a small child to climb. And may tip over causing serious injury or death the best way to help ensure the safety of family is to properly anchor all Chester drawers to the wall we want to work together to prevent tragic accidents you may have heard about the recall of IKEA malmö notches to draw models. I’m urging you today to make sure your just drawers are properly anchored to the wall if they are not remove them from room children can access then, I like you to contact a Kia or this it IKEA calm to learn more about how you can participate in the recall to learn more about preventing tip-over accidents. And creating a safer home for your family please visit our website thank you.

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Desk Organization Ideas

If your desk is a mess or a lacking organization, we’re here with some easy. And affordable solutions to help manage that chaos tip sometimes you have extra paper or mail laying on your desk placing them in a convince ok per organizer is a great way to keep your desktop clear of extra clutter tip if you find yourself digging through drawers to find the things you need it may be time for drawer dividers here we use the kouga’s divider which is great for office supplies. And charging cables we use the gleave organizers which have individual compartments which we use for storing smaller office supplies tip if you have a deep desk cabinet one way to make it more accessible is by using the you trusted pullout tray now we created a simple waste sorting station using these very air recycling bins this way your trash. And recycling is hidden freeing up space in your room tip if you need additional storage space above your desk consider using wall shelves it’s great for a few books or office supplies. And it gives you a great place to bring in your personality thanks for reading for more inspiration please check out home tour series calm.

Dining Room Makeover Family Reaction

My favorite part is the best of cabinets just to have everything on display you know all of our memories all the things that we’ve done together just everything kind of fits in there. And they’re not just out scattered you know someone can come in here. And say this is their home it’s just such a comfortable room to be now. And I could foresee us just sitting here for hours we’ll be able to keep everybody in here. And you know we won’t feel like oh let’s let’s go to the other room particularly, I think this area feels very special. Because, I feel like it’s a place that, I can spend time with Zuri the floor is much more comfortable, I have this comfortable sofa to sit in. And to see him playing in the tent. And getting up on the storage cabinets, I think this is definitely a place that, I feel he’ll grow into. And that will have lots of memory it’s made here you know we didn’t have any idea how to make this work but the home tour squad totally just showed us you know what possibilities.

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