Creative Home Bar Ideas

Creative Home Bar Ideas

Think Like a Decorator
Designing for clients isn’t always as satisfying as doing one’s own home. However, most decorators will tell you their homes are never done. Anyone in a creative business is forever involved in the pursuit of perfecting their lifestyle and environment as an extended means of creative expression. This interest is not limited to those with a creative bent, however.
Most people with busy lives have no time for decorating and yet we want our homes to be comfortable and good looking. The answer is simple. Decorate slowly. If you can conceive of living with a dining table and no chairs, until you find the ones that are absolutely right for you, then don’t feel guilty about using folding metal chairs in the meantime. Just buy inexpensive slipcovers for the chairs (they’re available through discount stores and mail-order catalogs) and remember that you don’t have an empty room, but rather that you’re in the process of decoratingfor however long it takes.

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