Creative Home Organization Ideas

Creative Home Organization Ideas

Quilts As Art

Quilts and wall hangings, old and new, offer good value and good design as decorative accessories in any room. Quilts on beds, quilts as wall hangings, and quilts as table covers all add warmth and character even if your style isn’t American country. In fact many two-color, geometric quilt patterns are quite contemporary looking. A bold graphic design similar to those of the Amish is compelling in any setting. I have seen large, wall-sized quilts displayed in extremely modern office buildings as well as in a log cabin home, with equally dramatic impact. A beautifully designed wall hanging is a sensational substitute for more expensive artwork.

Timeless Designs

Early American quilt patterns are surprisingly timeless in design. This is perhaps why the original quilt patterns that were really quite naively conceived are still being reproduced, copied, and improvised over and over again to this day. Think about itbear claws from footprints made in the snow, a log cabin, tumbling blocks, rose of Sharon, flying geese, fence rail these were the images early quilters saw from their windows. They weren’t designers, but they were looking for inspiration for designs they could interpret with cut pieces of fabric. Almost all the shapes are geometric and so didn’t require an artist. It was really quite ingenious to develop so many different designs that are today considered classic.

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