Creative Wall Paint Ideas

Creative Wall Paint Ideas
This is one of the cheapest ways to provide a decorative fmish. Use stencils to create a dramatic pictorial effect or use a motif to create a border or all-over pattern at a fraction of the cost of wallpaper. Choose from the enormous selection of pre-cut stencils available or make your own. Draw your
1 First draw the outline of your design onto the sponge. Cut away the surrounding areas using a scalpel.
1 Remove excess paint from the brush with a paper ton before swirling or stippling it lightly over the stencil.
2 For large-scale patterns, chalk guidelines onto the wall. Coat the sponge evenly with paint and dab on firmly.
2 Gently peel off the stencil, taking care not to smudge the paint, and reposition it a wall painted in a deep rich colour such as lacquer red, midnight blue or forest green. Dutch metal leaf or aluminium leaf are less expensive alternatives to the real thing. Aluminium leaf can be made to gleam like gold with one or two coats of orange shellac. These, and the substances mentioned below, are available from specialist decorating outlets.
First, give the wall to be gilded a coat of flat or mid-sheen oil-based paint. Decide on your design or motif and either draw it freehand on the wall or use a stencil as a guide. Paint the areas to be gilded with ready-made red gesso for Dutch metal, or cobalt blue casein for silver or aluminium leaf. When this is dry, paint on a thin layer of goldsize, following the manufacturers instructions. When the goldsize is only slightly tacky, gently press on a sheet of leaf, leaf-side down, on the sized area. Carefully peel away the leaf’s wax backing and lay down the next sheet so that it slightly overlaps with the first. Continue until you have built up your pattern. Leave for several hours to dry and rub off the loose leaf with a soft cloth; the rest of the leaf should remain in the sized area of your motif.
Finish off by varnishing the whole surface with a clear, semi-gloss oil-based varnish.

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