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As the quest for supreme customisation continues, so are increasingly more homeowners looking for bespoke bathroom products that stand out from the crowd in their uniqueness. There is a wide variety of bathroom products that allow you to create a truly individualised space that reflects your personal tastes and requirements.

Antonio Lupi is a Tuscan company that has really stood out in the design and manufacturing of bathroom furniture, both in Italy and abroad, for the past sixty years. It has made its name through its tailor-made production, which affords its customers the ability to adapt each of its products to suit their personal style requirements. Antonio Lupi’s Ilbagno range for example, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, offers clients a sophisticated and elegant way of expressing themselves and creating products that reflect their personal interpretation of modern design.

Rexa Design Esperanto by Monica Graffeo is another prime example of bespoke bathroom design. The range has been inspired by the past and its underlying simplicity makes it a truly appealing contemporary bathroom collection, while remaining both a practical and emotional solution to the daily needs required of any bathroom space.

The Esperanto range includes modular holders, varnished or covered by acrylic resin, hanging or free-standing in solid wooden easels, and equipped with countertops made of DuPont Corian, as well as a range of basins, mirrors, bathroom accessories and stand holders in customisable finishes.

Axor Universal Accessories by Hansgrohe

The holders boast various dimensions and are made in earthenware and Korakril. They are equipped with countertops with little compartments that make everything easily accessible. A combination of elegance and sophistication defines the choice of materials and they offer a great contrast between the wooden easel and the transparent smoked and bronze glass vessel sink.

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