The entire southern end of Central Park was originally intended as the province of mothers and their children. There were no playgrounds in any other part of the park. The Dairy was used as a refreshment center for them back at a time when fresh milk was prohibitively expensive and of poor quality. A herd of cows, which grazed in the nearby meadows and added to the park’s bucolic atmosphere, provided the milk. It has now been transformed into the park’s information center. The hilltop immediately to the west was originally called the Kinderberg, or children’s mountain. In 1954, a small version of the carousel pavilion was built as a shelter, so that park visitors could enjoy games of chess and checkers out of reach of the noonday sun.


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The Dairy In Central Park New York City Editorial Stock Photo - Image

Reliving childhood memories at The Dairy Barn | The Celiathlete

Ronny Brook Dairy Farm - New York, New York

herd of cows in the pasture with farm house, barn and silos in the

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