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Does your patio need a little bit of a refresh well mine definitely does. So stick with me because I’m going to share some simple and inexpensive text to update your patio that you’ll love. So the first step in updating your patio is you need pillows and there are. So many on the market today and. So many great over your pillow. So some of these actually came with the set I already had but then I went to my local big box store and there were a ton of fun opening somewhere. So watches my arrangement. So I went with a blue color scheme for these pillows the easiest way to do it is to arrange the two pillows that are the same on either corner then arrange the other two that are similar but coordinating together and then I always like to add a third that’s a little different to add a communal tip number two in updating your patio is you need a rug you need to think of your outdoor space and it’s like your indoor space and a rug really defines the zone. So there are ten phrase rugs over the marketplace I found this one see how it looks. So tip for your rug that applies to both inside and outside make sure the front legs of the furniture on the rug really makes it appear larger and applies the space.

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So tip number three when updating your patio space don’t forget about your coffee table I see. So many bear flight coffee tables. So again like you’re inside decorate your coffee table on the outside. So a couple tips for your coffee table is shop inside your home these things I actually have slide my home but again you can find it big box stores and look for trays or bowls like on the inside that you can put your books and magazines another plum and tip number four don’t forget about side tables you need somewhere to put your drink I’ll put your book and I think you can never have too many little tables they’re also great as extra seating I love these gardening tools that you can find a local big box stores or your local garden stores and glue them around but to do. So to make our boring patio beautiful what we did was added some pillows we added a rug to the floor we decorated our coffee table and we. So if you are looking to decorate your indoor or outdoor space I provided you with my five proven steps decorating a room and click to a below or visit me at Carla trailer design calm thanks.

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