Decor For A Small Living Room

Decor For A Small Living Room

Period Authenticity?

There are some facts about your home that cannot be changed. Few people (outside America) are bold enough to change the location of their home – to transport the skeleton of their barn from Berkshire in England to Brownsville in Texas. The other immutable fact is the period in which your home was built. Ancient buildings need to be converted with care and sympathy. The older the building, the more likely it is to have tiny windows and low ceilings, either of which you change at your peril. It is an unkind and thankless task to wrench an Elizabethan timber-frame cottage into the twentieth century by changing its doors, floors and windows, thereby destroying its original character.

The most important point to bear in mind when you make any plans for restoring or decorating your home is that only the appropriate prospers. Often the most comfortable choice of furnishing and decoration is that which evolved with the house – hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper will look divine in your small Begency palace, but sadly at odds with a tiny-windowed stone-walled croft. Dark, carved furniture and roughly plastered walls are perfect for a modest Jacobean dwelling, but definitely uncomfortable in a streamlined piece of 1930s architecture.

Enjoying the Age of your Home ?

Play up the age and character of your home. Enjoy its Edwardian solidity, its colonial grace, or its frontier strength. If yours is an ancient cottage, visit the local churches of the same vintage, in which you may find an inspirational sourcepost of decorative colour and design, possibly applied by the same hands as put your house together.

If possible, for any scheme to restore your home to its particular period, similar materials to the original fabric of the building should be used. Neighbourhood snooping is helpful before you begin any restoration task – to see how local floors were laid, or how particular screen walls were finished. Occasionally, it may lead to the discovery of an Aladdin’s cave of nicely worn authentic materials from a building due for demolition. Make a friend of the local builder, visit the nearest auction house, and keep a curious eye open for handwritten “for sale” notices when you drive along the lanes and byways in the country.

There is no specific period that encapsulates the country look. Brand new buildings, particularly….

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