Decor For Bedroom Ideas

Decor For Bedroom Ideas

Windows on the world

Little windows pierce the massive walls of this converted Martello Tower in the East of England. Each window frames the seascape beyond: a perfect antidote to city chaos. Here, the run of steps exaggerates the perspective and provides a convenient display area for a few simple objects.

Splendour in the suburbs

Less than an hour outside New York city, this early twentieth-century house has a definite rustic air. It is surrounded by trees and enough space in which to enjoy an outdoor life. Pastel 1920s junk-shop furniture and fabric are refreshing and reflect the general mood of the house presents given to you by affectionate friends over the last few decades; a look that takes its cue from a spectrum of the good things in life, spanning a kaleidoscope of pattern, colour, scent and texture. At the other extreme, it can embrace the puritan and pared-down simplicity of the contemplative’s cell: stone floor, solid furniture and humble fabrics. Each aspect expresses character and a part of the natural world outside.

A Sense of History

A country look implies a sense of care and .history. Furniture is not necessarily new, but it is cleaned and polished and loved – a vast, scrubbed kitchen table, the scene of many winter evening feasts of scones and crumpets, or an old sagging Chesterfield that has borne three generations of wriggling children and been re-covered countless times. These are the pieces that have earned a permanent place in family mythology and affections and sit comfortably in your home.

The country look has to do with authenticity, with a preference for the quirky and un-labour-saving genuine article, although this should be pursued within reason: only a fanatical purist

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