Decor Ideas For A Small Living Room

Decor Ideas For A Small Living Room

Country crafts (left inset) Handcrafted objects cast a particular magic: these doves were carved as a wedding present for the couple who live here. The window frame was painted olive green and has faded to a warm grey that complements the walls beautifully.

But if you do live in the country, you are one of the lucky ones – many people find themselves marooned in city or town. They are tethered to work, with a tiny garden, a view of their neighbour from the windows, and the blackbird’s song drowned by the thunder of buses.

Fortunately, there is a look – almost an attitude -that evokes the country at its best. It has to do with celebrating what you have, looking at your home and your possessions with a fresh eye and exploiting their particular charms. It is a tradition that is strong on ingenuity – if time is short, there are short-cuts and theatrical flourishes that can be effective, bringing an air of country pleasure to the most unpromising town flat. Even if your home is in a town, you can give its decoration and furnishings a country look.

A country look is one composed of natural .materials and country colours. It is an eclectic and organic look that grows and changes – as you pick up a Yorkshire kitchen dresser at an auction, an antique at a sale, or some rich paisley-patterned wallpaper in a little shop on your travels. At one extreme, it is a look that can absorb the clutter.

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