Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

Decor Ideas For Living Rooms

Living in the Country?

Living in the country implies a relaxation of the barriers between indoors and out. Although only a romantic fool would advertise casual accessibility to passing burglars, a house in the country does not need quite the defensive vigilance of a city dwelling. Doors and windows can be left open so that the smell of roses can waft into the kitchen, and dogs and cats can waft out.

A house in the country can have a liberating feeling of unconfined space. It is possible to have a bedroom on the ground floor, with huge windows to leave open on summer nights; or a conservatory in which you can sit even in mid-winter and admire a view of trees, or topiary or frozen lake. Beyond the house itself are other ways to make the most of space – the conversion of a barn into a galleried great hall; or the introduction of a Cheko-vian summer-house by the apple trees, where you can sit and meditate.

In the country you can enjoy the pleasures of peace and quiet: of sitting out under the stars on a clear summer night; or taking your breakfast out through the kitchen door to a sunny patch of grass under the cherry tree; or the breath-stopping beauty of waking up to the perfect whiteness of snow, unbesludged by traffic.

Cloistered calm A collection of elderly wicker chairs creates a typically laid-back country scene. These chairs were bought over the years at junk shops and have been renovated by spray paint in sympathetic toning colours.

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