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Above: The guestroom located right by the entrance provides the family’s visitors with their private haven. “We wanted our guests to have their own time, their own living room, explains the homeowner.

On occasions when her children are accommodating different groups of friends simultaneously, the guestroom is converted into a den.

Right: “I used to collect all the Louis Vuitton books, says the wife. Coffee table books on fashion, interiors and travel sit on coffee and accent tables around the house.

The couple took their eldest daughter on an architectural trip to Barcelona three years ago, where she handpicked the pencil drawings displayed by the den and guestroom.

In place of round tables reminiscent of hotel lobbies or grand foyers, guests are greeted by this inviting seating area anchored on a cowhide rug.

The owner prefers to dine undisturbed, so she decided to keep her dining area simple and clutter-free. The stone brick wall has been painstakingly rearranged per piece to make it look more interesting with its varying depths and sizes.

Sinuous. Fluid. Synergistic. Uncluttered. With a clear understanding of the look she wants to achieve, a great deal of planning took place for the home of this entrepreneur, philanthropist, and model. It all started with the free-flowing layout that is subtly separated by curved featuresfrom the rounded kitchen counters and fluid walls of the home office down to the two semi-circular sofas that seem to pay homage to world-renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s Lolah capsule chair in dark brown rattan and whitewash upholstery.

Wood in different types and shades is one of the most prominent recurring elements in the house that seemingly envelopes the walls as if infinitely. The owner loves continuity and tends to avoid sharp protruding angles, and she does this by rounding out corners, especially those leading to the bedrooms. Even the flooring is strategically used to define the living area, grand foyer, and dining area through the use of three different finishes: dark, matte tiles with a slight rustic sheen to highlight the cream-colored sofa; beige, textured tiles in contrast to the long expanse of wood-and-mirror storage running alongside one wall; and lastly, the concrete-colored tiles that complement the dark walls of the kitchen and the accent wall made of stone bricks.


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