Decor Living Rooms

Decor Living Rooms

A Sense of the Country “place in the country”, like “a summer after-noon”, is the sort of phrase that evokes a lA misty-eyed and dreamy response. “The country” is symbolic of a different way of life from that which most people endure. In a sense, the city embodies an embarrassment of riches: it requires discipline to enjoy what you have because there is always a quiet but insistent pressure to go out and get more, or do more. There is a competitive spirit in the town or city: all the myriad things you could be doing somehow mitigate the pleasure of what you are doing.

But the country is altogether different. Life doesn’t race past in the same way – things happen at a slower pace. There is time to savour the moment, to plan ahead and enjoy the expectation of events, and to relive them in hindsight. You are not faced with endless multiple choice decisions, which are eventually as laborious as they are initially exhilarating.

The country throws you on your own resources and encourages the nurture and care of objects, relationships and events – there may be less to choose from, but what and who there is become proportionately more significant.

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