How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

Hi it’s Karla with Karla framed sign and today I’m going to give you the top eight tips and decorating perfect trees. So tip number one is to choose a theme and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this because the thought of a theme trees is not my visual style but when i say theme there’s a few questions you ask yourself what do you want to feel when you see the tree do you want a colorful tree do you want a tree that’s more kid friendly do you want to try that has bling. So choose your theme and that will help you narrow down the decorations are go on juice tip number two is once you’ve chosen your theme take inventory of what you already have. So pull up that bin of decorations go through it and set aside the ones that would go with the theme from the questions you asked for number one this will completely help you and to my surprise when I did that I had a lot more than fit into my theme that I thought I did tip number three.

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So you’ve chosen your theme you’ve gone through current decorations now is time to go shopping and when you’re going shopping your knowing what fillers to add when I say fillers get decorations that are going to be that last bit of addition in this case what I did is got these branches here white spray painted branches I bought them this way but you could just get branches out of your backyard spray paint them and they were great and adding at the end for fillers. So tip number four and I haven’t even started talking about the decorating yet. So now is to start decorating and the first tip when you decorate let’s put the tree topper on first the reason you want to put the tree topper on first is if you put it on last you might actually climb up there and ruin all the decorations you put on i also want to challenge you to think of your tree topper is something that’s different in this piece an owl it could be a larger ornament it could be something that’s actually non traditional amount Christmas like at all.

So put your tree topper on first tip number five and this is the first time I’ve done this and some of you may totally disagree with me but i’m going to say skip the garland it is just too difficult i have skipped the garland this year and i love the look of the decorations without it the garland can actually be really difficult to get around the tree that’s evenly and not love lopsided. So I say this year just skip it and go with a complete tree of decorations. So tip number six we’re actually start decorating the tree and i’m going to say start with eight to 10 of your showstopper decorations i’m going to show you what i mean by that. So in this case these were our eight to ten showstopper decorations you chose something that we love they were bigger than the ones that are our favorite and we put them at the front of the tree and then we’re able to decorate around that and it made it wait this year and tip number seven we’re actually going to get to really decorate the tree now got your topper on you’ve got your 8 10 showstoppers now will you start with your largest decorations put them at the bottom of the tree and work your way up to the smallest and last him tip number eight which is my personal favorite do not forget about the bottom of the tree here’s where you can have a ton of fun when I suggest put sheepskins on the bottom in this tree what I did was add a small sled with gifts i added a barky reindeer that lit up this is a place where you can really decorate a personality think baskets think Melvin text it’s a really fun place and a lot of times we forget about the bottom of our truths and decorating spot. So decorate there and have fun.

So I hope these tips have helped in decorating your Christmas tree if you liked this post.

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