I was so grateful to the businesses for their donations that I called the local newspaper and told them about the charitable contributions I had received and asked if they would feature the house in the paper, so I could thank the people who helped me with building materials.

I got copies of the article and presented each person with their own copy with a picture of the completed doll’s house so they could see the results of their contributions and feel satisfied, knowing they had contributed to its creation.

One man was so excited about the article that he was very vocal and shouted out loud in glee. I just had to laugh and join him in his excitement.

I believe everything in the world happens for a reason. If I hadn’t been in that financial position, I wouldn’t have asked what to do and never made the house. Maybe a child that really needed to be filled with joy wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enjoy it. Or maybe a retiree, whom it brought joy to, wouldn’t have been able to experience it. I have been travelling with it for a long time and am thinking of retiring it now.

I love my hobby and find that it soothes my mind and soul to relax and create a tiny world filled with love and joy. It makes me smile from the inside and it is easy.lDHW


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