How To Decorate With Neutral Colours

So a lot of clients that I meet don’t want color they love decorating in neutrals and actually it’s one of my favorite ways to decorate. So today I’m go on give you the top five tips in creating a beautiful neutral room. So tip number one in creating a neutral room is what is a neutral? I consider a neutral really two things. Either beige or grey. And these colours actually work really well together so what I suggest is picking one as your primary and then having the other one as a secondary if you want to incorporate them both. So in this room we use beige as our primary color and then we introduce grey as our secondary. So tip number two in creating your neutral space is to think cozy. In any room no matter what one of the first steps you want to do is think about how you want to feel in the room and with a neutral space I think it’s really important to get a sense of coziness and that’s going to help it look more curated and more textured.

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Tip number three is go with one color with a bunch of the same tones. So you know in tip number one we talked about the neutral being either probably a beige or grey. So let’s use this example in this neutral we started with beige which was the beige couch and then what we did was we added different tones of beige on top of it. So this pillow has beige, this one, this one here, this, even the white sheepskin behind me is a tone of beige. So pick one color and then add on different colors within that tones. Tip number four which is my personal favorite if you’ve watched any my other posts is texture texture texture. This is actually the number one and best key to creating a beautiful neutral room. You want to think texture. So let’s walk through my thought process in this room. We had the beige couch in the beige colour.

Then we went and added other beige pillows in different tones like I talked about. But as you can see they’re all different textures and this is so key to a cozy room. We’ve got knits here, we’ve got kind of a velvet material, we’ve got a sheepskin, we’ve got a mohair, we’ve got a linen material on the couch. You really want to add as much texture as possible to a neutral room. And tip number five is something people sometimes forget when creating a neutral room. Is that you can use pattern. Pattern again is go on add texture to the room just make sure that pattern is in the beige or the grey and it adds another layer and dimension to it.

So I know I said my top five tips but I’m go on give you an extra one here. Add wood to your room in creating a neutral room. So your coffee table might be an area that you had a wood coffee table, your side tables, again these add the layers all that we talked about. They add the neutral color, they add texture, they add dimension, and they look great in a neutral space. So I hope this helped because I know that most of you probably have a neutral room. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you plan on adding to your neutral room to have it look more curated and cozy. Also if you like this post please like it and comment to my YouTube channel as I do post posts every Thursday. Also I’ve created something super special for you and I’m go on link to it on here or you can visit /decorwithlove to get my favorite neutral pieces that I add to room with links that you could shop right away.

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