How to decorate a sitting room

Beautifully framed by an elevated floor and dropped ceiling, the niched metallic wall serves as a backdrop for a luxurious tub highlighted by an antique mini chandelier.

Left: Situated at the quietest corner of the floor, the master bedroom brings to mind luxury suites that are as relaxing as they are beautiful. Overlooking the window is lush greenery courtesy of a school park. Right: Wood elements add warmth and are generously infused in portions of the wall, the recessed ceiling, and this floor-to-wall storage that houses various coffee table books on history, fashion, and travel.

Every nook and cranny is inviting you to sit down and lounge around, clearly an indication of how congenial and accommodating the owner can be The living room illustrates the evolution of Nicole Whisenhunt’s aesthetic into one that is old-world with modern touches, as seen in the pairing of sleek black side chairs and a sofa inherited from her grandmother. The cowhide rug is from lifestyle .store Cura V, of which Nicole is part-owner.

“I love art, the jewelry and accessory designer shares. “I tried to find a common denominator for all the colors and put them together. Surrounding an antique console from the Qing dynasty are artworks by Arturo Luz, Bernardo Pacquing, and Nicole’s own father. The result is a personal gallery reflective of Nicole’s personality.

Having a space that moves her to create was something that jewelry and accessory designer Nicole Whisenhunt wanted to achieve when she first decorated her own home, which also doubles as her showroom and office. I love fixing the house, she shares. According to my friends, I keep moving things around, but I don’t even notice. I really believe that fixing the house is very therapeutic. Her personal style leans toward a rather traditional feel that has lately been infused with more modern touches. She says, There is a part of me that is very old-world but for the past few years, I feel like I’ve evolved to be.

Above: “I’m not so into frou frou details, but I like beautiful objects. I feel that geometric things are a bit more attractive to me, says Nicole. A bold geometric print brings a modern twist into this corner of the living room and gives it a bit of an edgy vibe.

Left: Two chairs reminiscent of Nicole’s accessories were produced for a project of visual artist and architect Carlo Calma. “We beaded on canvass, wrapped them around the chairs, then sewed it all up. I found the project exciting, and I wouldn’t mind doing it in the future, shares Nicole.

For now, though, both chairs act as an art installation of sorts in her home.

In another coupling of old-world and modern elements, Nicole paired a contemporary armchair with a capiz side table from her mother. “I don’t like things too modern because I find them cold, she says.

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