Decorate Your Home

Decorate Your Home

Frosted glass

Interior designers use a wonderful cheat, without embarrassment, to create a patterned frosted window frosted-effect self-adhesive plastic. It is available in a variety of weights there are two or more windows beside each other, the design could be made to flow across them in one unified image.

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Tape the finished drawing to a hard horizontal surface. Tape the self-adhesive plastic over the design, trace through it and cut out the shapes from the plastic with a craft knife. To transfer a complicated design to the window, it may be worth taking care to cut through the plastic only, not the backing, in order to keep the pieces together. Alternatively, tape the design to the back of the window and align the cut-out plastic pieces on the other front. Either way, the glass must be scrupulously clean and dry. Peel the plastic design(s) off the backing sheet and rub down onto the glass, being careful not to catch or lift the edges.

Mix up equal quantities of white gloss oil paint and matt polyurethane varnish (you will not need a great deal three tablespoons of each will be enough for quite a large window). Having fixed the design to the window, apply the paste, using a stencilling brush, with a light stippling action. Leave until completely dry before removing the plastic from the window. A craft knife will be needed to lift the corners of the plastic. Finally protect the pattern using a spray acrylic aerosol varnish, which will coat the design effectively.

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