Decorating Ideas For 4th Grade Classroom

The Industry Is Torn Between Two Types Of Green. One Is Sleek, Uses Fancy Eco-Friendly Materials, Products And Designs, Reduces Carbon Footprint And Energy Consumption The Type That Applies For Rating Systems Like Griha, Leed, Bee, And Encourages Designers And Builders To Create Platinum And Gold-Rated Constructions. The Other Type Is Simpler; The One That Falls Under No Rating Systems But Is Closely Associated With Nature.

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“Green Is Interpreted In Numerous Shades. On One Hand, Fully-Glazed Buildings Using Photosensitive Glass May Be Rendered As Green.

On The Other, Buildings With Adequate Comfort Conditions Without The Use Of Air-Conditioners Would Not Find Favours With The Leed Rating System.

No Doubt That With The Current State Of Affairs, Which Have Rendered The Environment A Dismal Grey, Every Possible Shade Of Green May Be A Welcome Tone. The Range Is Vast, But We Still Need To Define Priorities.”

Though Rating Systems Like Leed And Griha Offer Good Incentives And Recognitions To Sustainable Development, The Systems In Themselves May Not Be 100 Per Cent Comprehensive And Applicable In Every Scenario. Rather, Understanding The Crux Of The System And Implementing Green Policies Subjectively May Seem Ideal.

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