Decorating ideas for a bedroom

Each furniture piece has been chosen carefully to outlast any trend and to blend harmoniously, as if every nook and cranny is inviting you to sit down and lounge around, clearly an indication of how congenial and accommodating the owner can be. In fact, she graciously hosts meaningful gatherings and sometimes even informal business meetings in her dwelling.

The bedrooms are in striking contrast from each other. The master suite is expansive, with more than enough room for a cantilevered bed, an entertainment system, and niched shelves that showcase

Delineating the dining area’s light

Left: Artworks in different media and genre adorn the corridor leading to the master bedroom. The owner clearly has a distinctive taste that veers away from the mainstream. Right: The stone bricks used for the owner’s accent wall that leads to the private quarters provide enough visual interest in an otherwise drab wall. numerous coffee table books on fashion, interiors, travel, and history. A large rendition of the owner’s portrait is unceremoniously placed against the wall, one of the many portraits either commissioned by or given to her by unconventional artists, who reflect her bold and authentic taste.

Meanwhile, the other bedroom is considerably smaller but not without character. Another cantilevered bed takes its rightful place, supposedly imposing, if not for the light-colored wood that was used. Within reach is a wall-hung round open bookcase, equally inviting for late-night readings. Rather than arranging them by title or by genre, the owner decided to store them by color to make the room look more organized.

Overall, the entire space is an illustration of good taste peppered with charactereach corner with a purpose, each piece with a story clearly meant to be told by a person living authentically.

A bibliophile’s lair. Inhabited by a book-lover, a massively round bookshelf that houses literary works in a color-coded manner occupies one side of the room.

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