Decorating Ideas To Brighten A Dark Room

How Do You Ensure That Each Product Is Unique In Form, And Fulfills Its Function?

Siddharth Sirohi (Ss): We First Address The Function; Often In Its Basic Avatar, Sometimes Completely Re-Imagined. That, For Us, Is Primary. Form And Process Then Define Each Other. The Process Is Defined By Tenets Of Sound Construction, And Form By A Light Playfulness. All Of This Rests On A Desire For Constant Improvement And A Strong Sense Of Individuality. What You Finally See Is A Unique Blend Of Function And Form With Integrity Of Construction, All Getting Along Very Happily.

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When Curating Products, What Is That Essential Element You Look For?

Ss: To Answer This, I Would Have To Accept That There Was An Essential Element. I Don’T Really Think There Is Anything Essential, Apart From The Products Being Honest About What They Represent.

They Are Also Different From What Is Available Anywhere Else.

In What Way Do You Incorporate Local Talent And Materials Into Your Designs?

Sc: Every Single Thing Is Local From The Design, To The Manufacturing, To The Material And Fabrics, To The Talent Of All The Team Members.

Please Name Some Artists/Brands That You Have Associated With, And How This Contributes To Your Overall Design Ethos.

Sc: We Use A Lot Of Fabrics From Anokhi, Calcutta (Re-Christened Russell Street), And These Distinguish Our Seating From Anything Else Available. We Keep Artists That Are Masters In The Folk And Traditional World. Pranab Narayan Das, Ramesh Tekam,

Sanjay Chitara And Narendra Singh Are Now Introducing Their Work To An Audience Wider Than Before.

What Sort Of Events And Collaborations Can We Expect From Baro In The Future?

Ss: We Are Interested In People And Ideas That Share A Common Headspace, And Are Interested In Speaking An Original And Authentic Language Of Art And Design, Instead Of One That Merely Follows Trends.

Perched High For Views And Privacy, This Home Comprises Two Pavilions – One A Social Hub, The Other A Parental Retreat

Preceding Pages And Above This Low-Slung Holiday Home Designed By Architect Regan Johnston Sits High Up And Back On Its Site, Providing Privacy From Neighbours And Extensive Views Out Over The Lake And The Mountains Beyond. The Master Pavilion Sits Slightly Higher On The Site Than The Living Pavilion, And Is Skewed At An Angle To Give The Main Bedroom Its Own, Unique View Of The Lake.

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