Decorating ideas for a living room


There are two types of cooktops: gas and induction. Gas burners come in different sizes to suit the versatility you need. They give excellent heat-up times, so you can save on gas.

Induction cooktops have ceramic cooking zones. The temperature is powered electronically, making it easy for the cooktop to reach heat. You can quickly co of meals

La Germania ovens are large in size and come with five rack positions. This allows you to cook several dishes at the same time. A built-in fan guarantees even heat distribution for single and multi-level cookingsans the fear of flavor crossover.

Ovens are designed for different functions, including ones for baking, roasting, and broiling. Gas models have added features (like a flame failure device) to ensure safety.

Kitchens are an essential part of any home. What was traditionally used for preparing sumptuous meals has now become a place for families and friends to get together, forge memorable moments, and create culinary experiments. These three brands offering high quality kitchen systems perfectly combine form and function to answer your needs. sf5


Fresh flowers speak volumes. They significantly bring life to any part of the room, making it more welcoming with either a splash of color or a pleasant fragrance. Flower arrangements need not be complicated, nor do they have to be expensive. Here are a few delightful ideas to make your home even more lovely and inviting. afs

A quick guide on how to put fresh blooms together for different occasions Written by Geraldine Verga I Photographed, by Mark Jacob of Studio 100 Floral arrangements courtesy of Te Amo Floristeria


Infuse your home with color through pastel flowers freshly cut from your garden or bought straight from the local market. Surround them with filler flowers like baby’s breath to add texture and visual interest. You may tie the stems using twine or floral tape to keep them together in a semi-wide mouthed clear glass vase. Place it by the foyer, on your bedside table, or as a centerpiece on your coffee table to give a refreshing, airy vibe.

A charming mix of two to three different flowers in the same hue emanates a sunny, cheerful ambiance perfect for a relaxing get-together with family or friends. Keep the arrangement low enough to encourage conversations by hiding the stems and making the flowers look as if they are floating. Leave at least two to three inches of the stem and carefully insert in floral foam. Make sure it has been properly soaked to avoid dry portions. Enhance with fillers

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