Decorating ideas for small bedroom

Wondrous wardrobes

Essentially, a wardrobe is a free-standing cupboard – a piece of furniture used exclusively for storage. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles making them a great addition to any bedroom. Wardrobes can be full length for maximum storage, or table height, which is ideal for bed-end or under-window storage. When it comes to wardrobes, the decor style

Leather is a hot trend this winter and in the home it is versatile and blends in effortlessly with any style, whether contemporary, classic or modern in design. Leather items from Coricraft are 100%> genuine leather and manufactured locally. of your bedroom will largely dictate what it will look like – perhaps a French Armoire for a classically dramatic bedroom, or maybe a modern, streamlined design for a more contemporary bedroom design. The one cardinal rule to remember when investing in a wardrobe is making sure that it fits into the space in question, so be sure to measure the space properly before you go shopping.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

While the bigger storage choices are most functional in the way that they offer a lot of storage space, it’s important not to overlook other storage options that can help you make the most of all available space in your bedroom. These include: Under-bed storage: The area underneath a bed is one of the most wasted spaces in any bedroom. Today however, there are many storage solutions that allow you to turn this space into a useful storage area. There are specially designed boxes for under-bed storage, as well as underbed drawers on castor wheels, which can slide out whenever you want to access the stored items.

Bed-end boxes: As their name implies, bed-end boxes are boxes or trunks designed to provide storage at the foot-end of your bed. These boxes are often upholstered to suit your room’s decor, and have a hinged top – this gives them a dual functionality as a storage solution, as well as providing a convenient place to sit when you are getting dressed or putting your shoes on. They provide the perfect storage solution for items such as throw cushions, or extra blankets.

Side tables: Bedside tables, while small, are a great place for storage – especially for items that you need to frequently access. Choosing a bedside table that has lots of draws usually maximises the space and provides the perfect storage for smaller items that could easily otherwise add to the room’s clutter. They are also a great space to store charging cell phones, tablets, reading glasses, hot water bottles, medication, books and torches in case of a blackout.

Smart shelving: While usually used for decoration, bedroom shelves can also be used as storage for many smaller, but necessary items. However, since these shelves are open, it is essential that you keep them neat and well organised.

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